Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston revealed that running and yoga has helped her to maintain the stunning bikini body, and even in her 40s: Washington, May 21.
"I do yoga every day, and I usually do some sort of run by the" Fox News quoted Aniston as saying CBS Early Show.
"It's great with all of the balancing poses," explained Aniston's yoga instructor for a long time for Mandy Ingber
"She has an amazing concentration of existence, it does not mean the tree ... and can last a tree in my country any day."
Aniston, in spite of weakness for Mexican food, keeps her diet "clean" with lots of fresh vegetables.
"You know what I just started recently, is really love Brussels sprouts," Aniston told Allure magazine in February.
To replicate the body's lean Aniston, and coach Joey De Palma suggests that a diet high in protein and small meals consisting of several to keep the metabolism going.
"People who do not just yoga that do not look great," explained De Palma for the Weekly. "It takes eating right to get really the body.

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