Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brazilian model and actress talks about her journey in Bollywood

Bruna Abdullah, a Brazilian model and actress talks about her journey in Bollywood, her future projects and learning Hindi. Excerpts

Being in a multi-starrer

There are six girls in the last movie I acted in. Of course, when so many heroines work together; there ought to be some sense of competition. Girls always like to compete. But we never had a catfight and had tremendous fun during the shooting.

Knowing the national language
When I came to India, I did not know a single word of Hindi; now I have dubbed for my character. This is quite an achievement for me. I can now read, speak and pronounce the language on my own with the help of my hindi tutor.

I try to watch hindi films and television programmes to understand the language better. Now that I have learnt it well, there will not be any language barrier as far as my Bollywood journey is concerned.

Embarking on Bollywood I began my acting career in college in Germany. I did my schooling there but never went to college as I was busy doing a lot of theatre in Portuguese language.

I was also fascinated with the idea of buying a house for my parents as I wanted to take care of them. When I heard that there are many modelling opportunities in Japan, I decided to move there to earn some quick bucks.

But I had to come back because despite staying there for three months, I couldn't make any money. I then started modelling in India.

And now that films have happened, life has come a full circle. I have bought a house for my parents and can take good care of them. What more can I ask for? Bollywood has made my dream possible.

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