Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Indian Wedding Beliefs and Superstitions

1. Spill the milk: In the wedding households, it is important to observe precautions, even while boiling milk. During this time, family members must be careful while boiling milk. It is said that spilling of milk before or after the big day signals towards some pending misfortune.
2. Curb your creative instincts: If you are planning to design your own wedding dress to show your creative side, it is best to retract your decision. It is considered to be unlucky for the would-be-bride and groom to design their wedding dresses.
3. Lenders and borrowers: Well, if you are thinking about lending your dress to someone else then give it a second thought. Although, for the borrower it might bring some good luck. But, this generosity of yours might bring bad omen for you.
4. Match your earings: Make sure to wear earrings on your big day because it is considered quite auspicious. Not only this, even newly married women should wear earings as they are supposed to fill your married life with happiness.
5. Let the kaleerein fall: In the north Indian customs, brides wear a 'chooda' on which her family members and friends tie kaleerein (red and golden ornaments). After this the bride moves her hand over the head of the unmarried girls in her family. It is said that if kaleerein falls on someone's head, then that girl will be next in the line to get married.
6. Good and bad sights: On your wedding day, if you see a black cat or a rainbow then it is considered to be a good luck. But, spotting an open grave, lizard or a pig is a bad fortune.
7. Let it rain: If it rains on your wedding day, then don't be gloomy. Although, it may dampen some of your preparations but it is considered to be an auspicious omen. Falling of rain is a good sign for fertility for the married couple.
8. Flaunt your cooking skills: In many parts of India, a week before the wedding it is customary for the bride-to-be along with seven other married women to make small balls of "chana dal" (lentil balls). These balls are then sent to the groom's house. It is a sign to ensure that his kitchen always stays filled with food at all times.
9. Don't light candles: It is also believed that if the candles lit during your wedding start to sputter out then it is not a good sign. It means that an evil spirit is nearby.
10 Hit the couple: Throwing rice at the couple during their wedding is considered to be auspicious. It is a sign of abundance and fertility and a way to protect the newlyweds from the veil spirits



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