Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jab We Met again Kareena and John Abraham

What happened when Kareena Kapoor came across old foe John Abraham at a Bandra restaurant. They may have taken a dig at each other in public before but looks like John Abraham and Kareena Kapoor may have put their differences aside for now. Apparently the two came across each other at a Bandra restaurant on Wednesday night and exchanged warm pleasantries.

A source says, 'John was with Sanjay Gupta while Kareena was accompanying Saif. John and his director friend were there to discuss their next project together when Saifeena walked in and were seated at the next table. Saif noticed Gupta and came over to chat with the duo.'

A waiting Bebo too apparently came over to their table for a friendly hello. Onlookers say despite the initial awkwardness between Kareena and John, they allegedly spoke to each other for a couple of minutes. The two actors have had a history of sorts. Bebo had called John a 'wooden actor' and his then-girlfriend Bipasha Basu a kaali billi.

In return, John had referred to the actress as `inane people'. Since then, the two have stayed away from each other at public events. Even on the sets of Race 2, Bebo visited Saif quite a few times but apparently steered clear of John.

John confirms the meet-and greet with Kareena and states, 'It was very cordial.'

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