Sunday, July 7, 2013

Salman Khan’s Rumoured Girlfriend Already Married

Rumours about Salman Khan and his personal life has always been people’s favourite celeb gossip. Well this time it’s about Salman Khan’s rumoured girlfriend Iulia Ventur who accompanied Salman to Hyderabad where the actor is shooting for a new film.

A status check on Iulia Vantur was conducted which revealed some weird information about her. This might be a headache to Salman Khan. Iulia Vantur was dating Marius Moga, a Romanian Grammy-nominated musician some months back. It seems the couple was in some serious relationship. Really! Their agitated relationship regularly grabbed headlines and media attention.

Marius is a composer, producer and singer in Romania. Pop, R&B and Club music are his genre. Iulia’s rendezvous along with fame coloured her life after she started co-hosting the T.V. show Dansez Pentru Tine (Romanian edition of the popular show Dancing With The Stars). Guess what! a Facebook page of Marius declares them (Iulia and Marius) married.

Apart from Marius’s relationship status, a post or you can call it a picture has highlighted some suspicious facts. Too curious to know about the content in that picture? Well it’s a steamy picture of the duo lip-locking.

I guess that is enough for Salman Khan to engage in a brawl with Marius Moga. Isn’t it?

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