Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shortage of actresses in B-Town

Filmmakers feel presently there is an acute shortage of female leads in the industry with most of them facing casting woes or having to wait for months for their dates.

Almost every beauty pageant participant aspires to be an actress as soon as she is crowned. Small screen names hope to step on to the big screen while models are keen to trade in their catwalks for the celluloid. Add to this the plethora of girls who harbour dreams of lighting up the marquee. The girls may be willing and able but are they capable?

Shraddha Kapoor is seeking mileage from buzz about refusing offers.

Most filmmakers feel there is a shortage of girls in the industry. Recently when filmmakers like Imtiaz Ali, Vikramaditya Motwane, Rohan Sippy and Vipul Shah among others had got together at the Mid-day office to discuss things they wished were a part of the industry, Motwane had quipped, `There's a real shortage of girls in the industry today.'

To which Imtiaz had added, 'Every time, one of us starts making a movie, we begin to look for girls who can act and you inevitably see that there's really nobody. While Sippy opined, 'Nowadays the secretaries /managers of the actress make them models - not actresses.

Asin only wants to work with the leading stars

Earlier, they were instinctive and knew what they are here for. Modelling agencies are now thinking that it's a similar thing to do when it clearly isn't. Yes, it's not easy to find actresses nowadays.'

Shah had added, `Unfortunately, the Indian mindset is that shaadi ho gayi toh buddhi ho gayi. A married actress can't take up so many projects. In fact, you see how our actresses don't get married till they are 35 or 37 because they believe in this perception, as there is a shift in audiences' love for them. They might be mature but the perception changes already.'

Diana Penty is in no hurry to sign her second film

Also, with some actresses preferring to be visible and raking in the moolah through event appearances and brand endorsements, they are in no hurry to continue doing any film. A Shraddha Kapoor may be infamous for rejecting roles while a Diana Penty is in no hurry to do a second film.

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