Sunday, September 25, 2011

hot india actress

Has thrown a popular actress from hot India, shoes and tomatoes and rotten eggs and hauled before a court to say, Indian men do not expect their brides to be virgins anymore.
Khushboo said, the star of 35 films in Tamil, a magazine in September there was nothing wrong with premarital sex - as long as they are protected sex.
Married mother of two is due in court in just over two weeks, although it is still not clear whether she had violated any law.
Grade also swept the 19-year tennis player Sania Mirza, already under a separate Islamic fatwa for wearing skirts on court, after it pulled out of the news conference on Sunday when pressed on the support reported Khushboo said.
At first, I went unnoticed, and a comments Khushboo. But a week later, he ran a Tamil language television, based in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, a story of anger, the film industry.
The sun may not be entirely disinterested party. Took control of a Tamil TV unchallenged for 15 years - until Khushboo came along, and hosting a game show on the rival Jaya network which quickly became the most popular Tamil show.
He was selected by the controversial conservative political groups and the local community, which organized a noisy demonstrations and filed more than twenty-two libel suits in the public interest, including being accused of "corrupting innocence".
The debate at the same time, anger and titillate the Indians, both supporters and critics, is still front page news.
Has been up to Finance Minister grilled by journalists for his opinion, sidestepping the details, but to support freedom of expression. May come the Miss Universe, Glebanova Russia, Natalie, and Formula One driver Narain Karthikeyan India also in support.
World ranked No. 31 as the press reported at the beginning Mirza, also from South India, and support.
But the young man is Muslim, which angered some Islamic clerics by wearing skirts on court, quickly denied saying any such thing.
"I would not want to say clearly at all, I can not justify the possibly pre-marital sex as sin is very high in Islam and one which I think will not be forgiven him by Allah," Mirza said in a statement, after it withdrew from sponsoring a press conference for journalists When I continued to press her on Khushboo.
Khushboo, also known as "Baby Khushboo" after starting her career in the 1980s as a child actress, is originally from Mumbai. Moved to Tamil films as an adult after her Bollywood career failed to take off.
Now busy with her game show, and gained a large audience in the movies as a heroine in Tamil films, singing and sexy dancing. The fans love the temples built in her honor.
But it's not the first time that it is locked in a scandal in conservative India. In an attempt to breathe life into her Indian cinema, she appeared once on the cover of a movie kissing another actress - one of the shots in India, the first year of women kissing.

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