Wednesday, September 28, 2011

young tube

Neil McCormick has always known he would be famous ... There are a poet and a young Irish composer and genius in its infancy, and nothing less than the life of stardom roll rock 'n' done. But there is one room for each singer in the school band noise and has already won the job his friend Paul. Neil forms his own band with his brother Ivan, and resolve to leave the noise in its wake.
But there is a problem: noise changed their name ... To U2. And turned to Paul "Bono". Of course there is only one option to achieve: to become larger than U2.
Brothers to go to London in their quest for fame, but finding the work of each dwarf of the phenomenal success of their rivals the old school. Then, just as some land of their own success, Ivan discovers the truth behind the appalling Neil compete with U2, and threatens to destroy everything.
The disruption of a rock 'n' roll dream, burns, and Neil felt like a failure is directly linked to success in Puno. Is the Yin Yang Bono? Is he destined to live forever in the shadow of stardom? What if the answer is .. Death of Bono.

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