Monday, October 3, 2011

Armband Tattoos

Tattoo is one of the oldest forms of art performed by man since prehistoric times when they imprint on the drawings or writings of their skin, which had a different meaning. Was the discovery of the oldest tattoo in 1991 in the Austrian Alps and was about 5000 years. Many of the indigenous peoples tattoos, regardless of the meaning of body art, and are used to represent the practice of rituals are important social and deeply spiritual. The application of a tattoo on his arms, means that this person was the President and a tattoo on one arm applies just means the President of the lowest rank. These are just a few examples of the history of the world has a lot of these examples of tattoo symbolism.
Nowadays this is not a profound symbolic as it was in the past, but many people choose to have tattoos applied to personal reasons and beliefs. But it is necessary to know that the tattoo can be performed at home or using rudimentary equipment. There are professional studios, which is endowed with the right equipment so that the tattoo should not be painful, and the outcome should be the one you expect.
As it is the emblem of tattoos, and men said to be difficult or girls like tattoos suggesting that they are strong and proud and have self.
Psychologists say that men respect girls who have a tattoo armband. In fact, could be considered a classic emblem tattoo, because they are the most popular.
Perhaps because during our childhood was fascinated us with tales of Celtic Dragon, "which is a symbol of the struggle of the eternal human being to overcome the forces of evil, and thus a symbol of the power of humanity in front on the power of the dragon horror and beauty, tattoo emblem represents the dragon is very frequent. It does not matter the social group they belong to , or what your profession or geographical area you live in, you can expose your tattoo badge proudly.
Dragon tattoos are not the only options badge design. If you are fond of the sun and the hot sandy beaches and gentle breezes throughout the year can think of Hawaii, and choosing an emblem tattooed on the basis of the motives of local exotic, and perhaps inspired by the shamanic rituals under the light of the moon. Feminine tattoos symbols of the emblem of the different types of flowers and a clear picture or chrome. Men can also choose other powerful symbols such as fire or thorns. Can be a symbol of their love of power or the poison of revenge, or what they want. Snakes are pretty badge tattoo symbols, they might look like a bracelet on your arm.
It is clear that each holder has the story of tattoo art on this personal, to the importance of the badge and the color of the tattoo design. You can combine if you want, the masculine and feminine symbols, and you can get amazing story on your arm.
If you are charming animals, regardless of whether they are fake or real, you can verify your attachment in the tattoo emblem. The most magnificent animals are the Unicorn, which is one great, or the horse and tiger, which has many masculine connotations in most cultures. In any case, let your imagination run free and get the badge tattoo that you prefer.

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