Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bikini Girls

The development of applications made ​​to open the salon offers massage "girls wearing bikini" within 150M of the Catholic school for girls' out.
Panel for the City Council Development Assessment (DAP) has taken this week less than a minute milk unanimously to apply to convert the rear of the property to St. Groot massage.
According to the city of the Messenger in July that opened the salon about 150M from the College of St. Mary's, which sponsors students from reception to 12 years.
Parlor was run by convicted fraudster Bon Levi - aka Ron Frederick - has more than 50 convictions for fraud, theft, assault and false pretenses.
The St. Mary's College was originally Paul Phillips, whose daughter in Year 5, this was the decision "a victory for common sense."
"Get a massage like this in the vicinity of a school or an area where young children would not be justified," she said.

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