Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sexy Image

This week, I keep the presence of these conversations with the women I know, which we discuss what we are planning to wear for 4 almost always super-casual celebrations in July Always it involves red, white, and / or blues (denim mostly), but it also always seems to give license to people revel in the trashy, kitsch (Daisy Duke cut Jean mini-skirts, your mother will not be allowed to you from the house, Budweiser Print a string bikinis tube tops, etc.). No one seems to behave this way for the gala Christmas, Holiday, or even love. The only thing I can think of is that this is a comparison of Halloween, where a lot of Tech people to "sexy" on the item as their theme costume (vampires sexy, sexy baby, sexy Harry Potter, etc.). Also, what means that things tackiest (Terry a bit of cloth, dazzling ass jeans, heels and Sete, eating Cheetos) are suddenly right on Independence Day? I'm not saying it's not fun, I just say .

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