Friday, October 28, 2011

Blake lively hot

Traveled Blake just two days after Ryan Reynolds visited Blake Lively on the set of girl gossip, and return to Boston to be with him one night on Monday, October 10 - and and details of exclusive dinner intimate and romantic in the high-end Mistral Bistro, a French restaurant in South End Boston.An eyewitness tells us, "brought Ryan Blake Lively with him, and if you do not know any better, and I thought they were a couple. It seemed as if they were really into each other.. He his arm around her and they were both smiling."The source adds, "They sat in the stall angle, and it was just the two of them. Shared everything - their appetite Mushroom Portobello grilled with peppers grilled and walnut tortellini squash. For dinner, and the division as a game of chicken linguine Cornish swordfish and grilled. Ryan said he was a celebrated Canadian thanks!"For dessert they have split the warm chocolate torte with vanilla ice cream. Certainly they were in a festive mood!"According to the New York Daily News, Blake wanted to be in Boston with Ryan couple nights, but could stay only one. Although Blake, 24, who only recently broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio, her relationship with Ryan, 34, has been heated really fast. We can not wait to see how the hot new couple celebrated his birthday October 23.

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