Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hot Girls UK

But nothing disrupted the quality of performance Hilson expressive. Have argued that it echoes some of the high or Ciara, but on this night, Hilson shone like a star in the style that had clearly. Although the link with songs like he might be back cliché boy, and the quality of materials, like my favorite Bahm Bahm (you again) I want you, who got rewind, which provides for getting the script.
He added that the freshness of surprise gig most notably when he joined one of the musicians with many male Hilson duetted, squirrel, and her on stage for in the air. But continued the party without him, as Hilson, who was recently appointed ambassador of the institution to survive MTV, slipped into the stolen goods turned in my country before taking a break.
Generously, moved to Miami, we are with the sounds Pitbull and throw beach balls before Hilson appearing to perform 'til we move in the right direction, and I love her music favorites from her first album in a perfect world, and asked for follow-up - lost control / let me down, energy, and Hustler.
In sound and light rough Hilson sizzled on a beautiful mistake. As if we were not drunk on the delivery of voice, and asked those without drinks in their hands. Things away from the alert, and continued to create Hilson addicts sale of its own public voices of fun with Get your money back - in Baiji, Get a mix of funds. The vote is now full length and got the audience to hear every last drop of Buyou.
But there were two tracks that the crowd expected. While the final X Factor B, such as Mischa and Janet sat in the VIP lounge, and VIP Hilson called her to the stage of the expulsion of pretenders who answered her call. Diabetes was a moment when the young girls and joined in the singing and dancing to rock a beautiful girl.
Hilson said the song was about inner beauty and self-esteem. Insisted they were not male-bashing, turning it in line with all the boys. It can not exit from the stage was aware that "forgetting" to implement the methods of Grammy nominated you down. Was an unforgettable night for both sexes, and if a man as they are on Mars as a DJ, and proved that Venus Hilson rocks!

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