Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back Piece Tattoos

Alrighty. Finally it's done! After more than a year and a half (2) and more than 100 hours of work ... DONE! It is hard to believe. But is in the end. I'd grown so used to the monthly trips to the store. I saw you go down a lot in those years ½ 2. I imagine some people might be curious so I explain the importance of this tattoo ....
So I started already know what I wanted to tattoo, and am sure that I wanted it on my back, but do not know what I want ... So I started thinking ... What would be something you want me forever ... I came up with a couple of ideas. Engineering type things often. But they did not strike a chord or anything. I do not remember exactly how I came up with it, but eventually I think of "tree" and you only. At that time, the logic just because I really liked the trees in most cases. My name means the tree. I loved climbing trees. I only truly public in nature. The thing which I have always liked. And so it was kind of a few months to sink in it.
After a few months still liked the idea of ​​a tree, and began to do some graphics ... This is when I got really serious about it. I happened to read a book at the time, and this is where the true meaning of the tree and the current really comes to play. The book "examples of Jungian" by Robin Robertson, a really great book, by the way. In any case, the book talks about the clarification that the 14th century alchemical shot a man in the side with an arrow and a tree growing out of his area genital .... Arrow represents a kind of pain or trauma. And forced the man to turn himself, and acknowledged that the arrow, and that through it you can have access to ANIMA (Jungian concept), which represents the tree. The Anima is the feminine characteristics in males are generally suppressed (but the pent-up hostility is generally masculine characteristics in females). Thus, for example, sensitivity, passion and creativity. These types of things. So as to make a long story short, essentially, and this tattoo is a memorial to my mother and the recognition of who I am as an artist, and what you have gone through to reach where I am.

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