Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Celtic Tattoos

Celtic design tattoos have become increasingly popular option among many people, especially those who have a Celtic heritage. Tattoos are very distinctive and attractive and can be identified.
Some of the options in designing Celtic tattoos include a tree symbolizes life, which represents every stage of life from beginning to end, going in a circle - the continuity of life. Celtic crosses are very popular, with knots or loops, are also in the circle of life, and the hammer of Thor Celtic. All these things have a prominent feature Celtic knots.
To estimate the attractiveness of Celtic design tattoo, it is useful to consider Celtic history. People worshiped a group of Celtic gods and goddesses, animals, and land. As exposure to Christianity grew, and included their images turned into stars and crosses, to avoid conflict with the beliefs of Christians. The Celtic Cross is one of the images in the early to call the Christian and pagan religions. Was based on the same Cross of the Holy Cross of Christianity, the Celtic version, which contains the lines tangled around a tree trunk, intertwined with the circle - a representation of sun worship, which refers to the eternal, no beginning and no end
This code, and the Celtic knot, which looks similar to the tangled vines, has a profound meaning and the representation of eternity and infinity - that holds our world without beginning or end. It also represents the cycles of the seasons and the complexity of our nature. And this node can be adapted in various shapes such as hearts or stars complex designs. Another element of the Celtic heritage that can be included in the design of Celtic tattoos, including crosses, is triskel. And made these images of three spirals, symbolizing the layers of the human soul, or on land, sea and sky - the three basics of our existence.

The Celtic knots, and a number of node in the image relate to certain parts of the Celtic flag. It is often seen on the number three represented in different ways. Number nine is a sacred number, three times that number to 27 and is believed to increase the strength. Number five is also important - it stands in many cases for the family unit. Another important number is the seventeenth, which accounts for our cycles of the moon is visible.
Celtic design tattoos, many of the people and animals, which are of great importance to the people of Celtic. These butterflies, which were considered very beautiful, and dogs, which stood for loyalty and good luck. The horses were considered sacred, as they were linked to magic and mystery. Bears often represent power, while associated with each of the dragons and magic power. May be part of the design of animal tattoo Celtic be the main focus, or background element.
Seen often Celtic tattoo design, arm, or bracelets, and on the lower back. They almost always did this tattoo in black ink, and vary the thickness of the lines. Celtic tattoo design is the option of profound significance for both men and women, and a nod to the ancient world.

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