Saturday, October 8, 2011

women and sports

For a moment, let's compare the two famous athletes who have attained the highest level of each sport, quarterback Tom Brady and pitcher Roy Halladay.
Is one of the family name, recognized and desired by women who have never passed a lot of As in the past for the game of football. Can walk to the other just about any restaurant in America without a lot as you notice, only if there is a small number of fans of baseball into the crowd.
Why Tom Brady symbol of America, and Roy Halladay is simply the best pitcher in MLB baseball.
Sex appeal. He is married to Brady for supermodel Gisele, like publications, advertising, and gets a "modern" haircuts sex symbols, which are wont to do.
Halladay and avoid the lights and hit the gym before the rest of Western civilization is even awake.
This is the case for women in sport, although it is often given to women's sex appeal or the equivalent value. But here in the report of the ovary, we sought to find a balance.
Thus, the following slides we celebrate the most famous women in 50 sports, the order for them to communicate with them or participating in athletics, and fame behind the games that are linked with it, and desire them.


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