Friday, October 7, 2011

Bull Tattoos

Can be a bull tattoo a wide range of different meanings depending on the culture that originated from the tattoo. In some cultures, and the bull is a symbol of power, and with good reason. Bulls powerful creatures that do not shy away from confrontation when it is challenged. They are strong and stubborn and quick. They usually symbolize power. Bull tattoos are most common in countries that practice bullfighting or bull in religions where it plays an important role in the stories of the holy religion. Taurus is known usually to represent masculinity and fertility. While the two may not seem to be connected directly, the strength and durability help establish the bull bull and representation of both solid masculinity and fertility. Bull strong and masculine in itself, as is the case in the counterpart of the male to female cow.
It is also known that the bulls of these short-fuse temperament and wild. There is a reason and bullfighting, and running for the Bulls, and some of the most popular events in all parts of the world. The tattoo can be used to represent the bull who has a short fuse, or anyone who knows that it must defend itself when danger is present.
The bulls are usually associated with heaven and hell as well. There are many reasons for this purpose. Associated with the bulls in the sky because some of the stories the old gods and made to look similar to the bulls. This is more than likely because the cow was a lifeline in the early civilizations of the many, and the cow can not be without the bull. Both were worshiped cows and bulls in some religions in early. It some cases, the bull also mean hell, due in part features a set of bull horns is similar to the centuries that are portrayed with the devil. Taurus or Taurus is also one of the symbols of the zodiac, which is a common tattoo.
In Hinduism is known as the bull a symbol of power and fertility. In Hinduism, it is known that cattle from India to the ground to symbolize a fruitful, while bulls shown to represent the sky fertile. Bull was an important part of many religions, because without a bull, you do not have a cow, and without a cow you have any civilization. The fact that such a strong bull, the dominant creature, along with its relationship with fertility and life have made it could mean the bull tattoo design of a number of different things.

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